A Personalized LinkedIn Invite

If your aim is to increase your circle on LinkedIn, instead of using the default text, try a more personalized invitation to connect. 

Try these ideas next time you want to connect but aren’t sure how to phrase your invitation:

Remind. Have you had contact of any kind with your target? If you’ve met at a conference, business meeting or networking event, then it’s an easy step to say how much you enjoyed the introduction, no matter how brief and that you’d like to connect based on the strength of that contact.

Flatter. Use some sense here and don’t be gratuitous or fatuous. That said, a note of respect and admiration can work wonders in motivating others to accept your invitations to connect. How do you know of this person and what makes you want him or her in your professional network?

Intrigue. Is there something you particularly want to share with this person? Are you itching to put forth an idea or team up on a project? If so, consider saying so and giving just enough detail to make the recipient want to learn more.

Depending on your relationship, you might use one or more of these tactics. Since invites have a character limit, take a straightforward and simple approach. 

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