Improve Your Career – Volunteer!

Volunteering for a good cause feel good. And, while volunteering can changes lives by benefitting the people you are helping, it can also benefit you by furthering your career and improving your personal life. A win-win!

Want to know how volunteering can both boost your career and your personal brand? Check out some of these unexpected benefits to becoming a volunteer.

It’s a chance to network. When you volunteer, you gain the opportunity to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have met. Friendships and bonds can form quickly during a volunteer event, turning these friendships into an expansion of your network of contacts.

You could discover your passion. Volunteering for a cause your passionate about could very well lead into a career change. For example, your volunteer experience could be used to make a great first impression, leading into a satisfying job.

Hiring managers value volunteers. Did you know that 41% of hiring managers view volunteer work as equal to a paid job, according to a recent LinkedIn survey? Don’t miss opportunities to add value to your experience (and resume) by engaging with volunteer opportunities.

You’ll learn new skills. Your volunteer efforts can help you build new skills, providing you with an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience that you can use to improve and expand your personal branding.

You’ll grow as a person.  People who volunteer are happier in life, so let being involved in your community serve you! Your increased happiness in life overall can have a major impact in your “real” job, ensuring you won’t get burned out. Let volunteering give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction by helping others.

Make volunteering work. Choose to volunteer for a cause that’s important to you. Even better, become active with friends that are already taking advantage of volunteer opportunities. Find something you enjoy, to ignite a passion for your efforts.

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