3 Facebook Mistakes Commonly Made, Are You Making Them?

Social media has become the cornerstone of small business marketing.  Facebook in particular is an excellent platform to build support and interest in your brand, engage customers and inform them of new products or services.  In an environment where everything posted to the internet can be copied, forwarded and preserved forever, it is important to remember to avoid these three common mistakes small businesses use when posting to Facebook.

First is forgetting to engage.  So often businesses post information on their Facebook page and then never respond to any of the comments or replies made by consumers.  When managed well, Facebook is a great way to showcase your brand and interact with others.  Most businesses see greater success when they interact with their customers.  Also being engaged with the audience and effectively managing your Facebook account will give you the opportunity to see which posts have the most likes and shares.

The second mistake is complaining, criticizing or feuding in public.  Irate customers are found in every business and should be handled appropriately.  It will not improve the image of your brand if you argue with a difficult customer in the public forum of a Facebook wall.  If you need to address an issue be sure to send a private message to the individual.

The final mistake small businesses make is getting too personal in their posts.  In today’s social media climate, providing some personal information helps consumers feel more trusting of you and your company and so it is important to provide some of these details.  However, be careful not to provide information that you would not want a large amount of people to know about.  Explicit topics should always be avoided.

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