5 Tips for CPAs When it Comes to Continuing Education

CPAs have several options when it comes to accumulating their CPE credits. They can watch a webinar, attend a conference or take an online self-study course. Here are five tips CPAs should consider when pursuing their continuing education requirements:

Determine if you are a minimum or maximum learner. CPAs should determine if they just want to maintain their credentials with little effort and expense, or if they want to pursue a more comprehensive learning program.

Research the reputation of the presenter and provider. When choosing a course to take or webinar to watch, CPAs need to be able to trust the knowledge of the presenter or trainer. Make sure that there is credibility and consistency when researching your provider.

Look at value and pricing. Oftentimes, subscription packages are more cost efficient than taking individual courses from multiple vendors.

Consider the level of depth of the course information. Some providers link their course materials to a database of relevant research content. Examples include materials from the IRS, court cases, news articles and expert analysis.

Examine the benefits of CPE management tools. Some CPE providers provide a homepage that updates the accounting professional on how many courses have been completed, any licenses needed and state requirements.

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