Cyber Liability and How it Threatens CPA Firms

According to many industry experts, cyber liability should be a top priority for CPA firms. The threat it poses to the safety of client data is not limited to online interaction. Thieves are actually stealing equipment with information on it, now meaning that no matter how strong your firewall is, if you don’t invest in security insurance your clients are at risk.

Insuring Success
As with any large industry facing a situation that is widely uncontrollable, the best move is to insure your company in the case of a breach. Large insurance agencies are now offering data breach insurance to cover the cost of any lost data up to $50,000. Insurance is a wonderful thing when something slips through the cracks, but it should always remain a secondary response. The primary response should always be security.

How to Combat the Threats
Creating levels of security from server to cloud is imperative. Very few people understand that even servers can get viruses. It is up to companies to take care of their hardware with security software, gatekeeping software and email security. Though it may seem more convenient to have email continuously open, it permits access to some very nasty malware that can attack your computer and any email attached to you.

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