Digital Pills Signal a New Age of Healthcare

According to the World Health Organization, around 50% of patients don’t take their medications properly. However, digital pills may be the answer.

In an article from Disruption Hub, author Sarah Finch writes, “This results not only in huge costs to health services in wasted prescriptions, but it can seriously harm patients’ health. However, with the new technology of digital pills, this could all be about to change”.

In the article Finch discusses:

  • A sensor a day keeps the doctor away
  • The wider implications of sharing medical data
  • Smart medicine is the future

Finch continues, “The use of technology such as digital pills won’t just help patients to deal with their illnesses on a day to day basis, but will therefore lead us into a brighter age of effective healthcare”. Would you be comfortable with this sort of medicine? Do you see a legitimate use for this type of technology?

To read more, see the full article from Sarah Finch in Disruption Hub.