Don’t Make These Social Media Marketing Mistakes!

Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter present unique opportunities for businesses to reach target customers. Social media should be playing a vital role in your overall marketing plan. As you utilize your platforms to grow awareness of your products and brand, it’s important to get off on the right foot, otherwise you risk alienating your audience.

Listed below are some common social media marketing mistakes – and how to avoid making them!

Not having a social media strategy. Without a social media strategy, your communications can seem disjointed, confused and unconnected. Your company must have a distinct voice and a set schedule of content to share. Otherwise, you will end up with gaps in your presence, which could ultimately diminish your brand capital. A clear social media strategy can put you on the path to offering useful content that is memorable.

Creating accounts on too many social media platforms. Just because a social media platform exists doesn’t mean your company has to have an active account on it. This is especially true for smaller businesses, who might not have the time to create effective content over a huge variety of platforms. Instead, focus on a few key platforms to create engaging and thoughtful content, rather than an incoherent presence over platforms that aren’t effective for your overall strategy.

Not using hashtags correctly. Using hashtags in social media marketing can hugely help in terms of creating visibility for your brand. However, using #them #too #often #is #really #annoying. Limit their usage to key terms specific to your industry or trending subjects, and make sure they are relevant in your communications to your followers.

Paying for followers. Your long-term goal should be to build genuine customer relationships, not focusing solely on numbers. Paying for followers can damage your brand, and most bought followers are obvious – oftentimes without photos or information, which will negatively affect your reputation as your real fans take notice.

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