Employees as Online Brand Ambassadors

At many companies, every single employee has the potential to become a brand ambassador: someone who draws visibility to their workplace and acts as an advocate for the company, both online and off.

Social media advocacy in the workplace can lead to…

  • authentic relationships
  • boosted sales
  • positive branding

How can you transform your employees into powerful brand advocates and reach their online potential?

Train Employees
Not everyone is a social media expert and that’s ok.  Employers should view this as an opportunity for employee development by providing a crash course on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter and let them decide which platform matches their goals and personalities.

Establish Trust and Open Communication
Brand ambassadors are going to talk about the company on social media – make sure they are sharing the right content. 

Become a Social Media Advocate
Employee activism on social media can easily transform employees into brand ambassadors for the company, however, it’s important to emphasize that you, as the employer, are also an advocate for the social media well-being of employees.

Don’t forget to include a conversation on social media responsibility: employers should review the significance and value of the company’s policy with employees and train them on social media etiquette for online interactions.  

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