Grow Your Bottom Line Using Your Existing Client Base

Referrals are a coveted asset to any organization, especially CPA firms. Significant resources are dedicated to gaining more referrals. But is there a way to maximize profitability without growing your client base? There are steps you can take to make your current clients happier and generate more profit.

How can you improve your operation?

Your clients might be using processes that are inefficient and could be streamlined with the right technology. Over two-thirds of accountants surveyed said that they wasted quite a bit of time correcting errors made by their clients that could have been avoided by employing cloud-based technology. Imagine the time you would save without having to duplicate those efforts.

What services are you offering your clients?

Part of keeping your clients happy means expanding their options. Are there other services you could be providing them? Technology has made bookkeeping and payroll services much simpler and many functions can be automated. Offering additional services also serves an essential purpose – it helps build relationships. Improving your current clients’ experience with your firm is arguably more important than going after new referrals.

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