Today’s public accountant operates in a highly competitive environment. There is little doubt your best clients are your competitor’s top prospects, and those competitors are actively trying to sow seeds of discontent among your most important relationships. To survive this competitive cauldron, firms must focus on achieving sustainable, profitable growth. So how can you go about suring up you marketing efforts? You’ve got to get all the elements aligned for success…

The Elements of Success

At The Growth Partnership (TGP) we practice a disciplined approach to growth and development based on more than 15 years of organizational success. Plan on Success is not just our tagline, it also describes how we do business.

For each client, we complete a 3 stage process to help firms identify their plan for success. In our first phase, we “audit” the firm’s current situation and the geographic marketplace in order to effectively diagnose. In the second phase, we develop a 24 month Growth & Development Plan™, providing a unique prescription for success that is customized for your firm. In our 3rd phase, firms engage us to provide ongoing implementation on their Growth & Development plan.

Your Growth & Development Plan must contain several elements critical to your success. We will review each of these core elements and list the specific competencies (learning) and infrastructure (systems) associated with each one. Our approach is organized around nurturing your CRoPs™ with specific activities designed to create accountability and action surrounding current Clients, Referral opportunities and Prospects. Whether you ultimately choose to engage us or simply work to implement these ideas yourself, each element is an essential building block for success!