Outsourced Marketing Department

At The Growth Partnership, we help CPA firms “professionalize” their practice development function by serving as our client’s outsourced marketing department. As your outsourced marketing department, we deliver the functional expertise you expect to find in an eight-to-ten person marketing department but for the approximate price of a single marketing professional.

Our outsourced marketing department engagements are focused on implementation, with most of the marketing “tasks” being completed by the TGP outsourcing team. We simply ask clients to get involved in the practice development program where the “rubber meets the road” (i.e., when an opportunity has been created or exists to expand an existing relationship, pursue a referral, or develop and build a relationship with a prospect or “future client.”)

The net effect is the delivery and implementation of world-class practice development plans that are suitably scaled and customized for each client. At TGP, we follow a proven, disciplined approach to marketing in which a return on investment is not just possibility, but probability.

For more information on our Outsourced Marketing Services, please contact us at info@thegrowthpartnership.com