How to Engage the Future of the Accounting Profession

The CPA profession is currently going through what some call the “new normal.” Firms are experiencing many changes and greater uncertainty as they try to reinvent themselves. One way that firms can overcome this fear of uncertainty and secure the future of the profession is to engage students and younger CPAs. In order to do that, accountants must do a better job at incorporating the things they value most: 

Innovation – Today’s young professionals place a major emphasis on creativity and innovation. With more young CPAs entering the workforce, the accounting profession needs to be open to change and innovation in order to keep its reputation as one of the most trusted professions in the world.

Engagement – Make new CPAs feel that they are a part of the team and invite them to participate in professional initiatives. They should get involved in student and YCPA events, but also look for other ways to participate as well.

Collaboration – Young CPAs understand the value of collaboration. They are very willing to work together and believe that sharing ideas is beneficial to success.

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