Integrity is the Best Policy and What We Need Today

Integrity is one of the most important qualities an accounting firm can have. Doing what you think is right will go a long way in retaining current clients and prospecting for new ones.

In an article from Accounting Web, author Jeff Davidson writes, “No one, accounting professionals included, lives a life of absolute integrity. Rather, it is an ideal for which to strive, including those who consistently display integrity can be overwhelmed by what is left over — what wasn’t acted upon and what wasn’t met with integrity”.

In this article Davidson discusses:

  • An ideal to strive for
  • The truth prevails
  • A pivotal concept

Davidson continues, “Integrity is an achievement, not a gift. It is not the characteristic that determines decisions. It is the summation of the decisions we’ve made. In accounting, numerous opportunities to stray loom every day — whether it be to shift a single number or to create a fancy footnote.

Integrity communicates to others immediately. It is being the same person to everyone”.

To read more, see the full article from Jeff Davidson in Accounting Web.