Motivate Your Staff to Grow Your Email List

While your employees may be delivering great customer service experiences to your clients, they may not be taking the extra steps required to further the interaction, in order to collect their contact information to add them to your email list.

Get your staff involved with growing your email list by training your staff the right way, using these four easy-to-incorporate techniques:

1. Lead by example
Make sure you’re doing your part to set the example by asking for email sign-ups on a regular basis. Putting forth your own efforts will show employees that growing your email list is an ongoing priority.

2. Train them how to make the ask
Avoid the dreaded and often too direct “Would you like to join our mailing list?” by providing your staff with more effective ways to engage clients to sign up for your emails. Offer the following tips:

• Make the ask feel conversational. Wait for an opportunity to incorporate your mailing list into natural conversation, highlighting its value that is unique to your client.

• Make it about them. Use the information you have about your client to tailor interaction to each person, so that they are clear about how your emails will benefit them.

• Set expectations. Let clients know how often you send your newsletter, and what it contains. People are more likely to sign up for an email list if they know what they’ll be receiving.

3. Provide an incentive
Motivate your team to grow your email list by holding a competition. This will serve as an incentive to get your email list growing, and establishing a habit that your staff will maintain in the future.

4. Remind them how to ask online
An easy way to incorporate with online interactions is to add a link to the sign-up page in your email signature. Also, encourage your employees to promote your mailing list in their emails and online communications with clients.

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