Talent Management

The Growth Partnership is dedicated to helping our clients succeed as dynamic leaders and preferred employers. Hiring, retaining and utilizing talent is critical for the success of every business. It takes people focused leaders and managers to understand that leveraging the talent of our staff is the key to business growth.

A study from IBM and Human Capital Institute showed that organizations that apply best practices in talent management enjoy higher financial performance compared to their peers. Well-defined talent management processes will close the gap with the human capital currently available in the organization and the talent needed to respond to future business challenges.

Talent management processes that The Growth Partnership could support your organization’s strategic focus on human capital include:

  • Talent Management Audit – Assessing the current state of your talent pipeline from recruiting, hiring, engagement, developing, and retention processes with recommendations for enhancement.
  • Executive Coaching – Identifying and developing leaders and high potential professionals becomes a proactive step in succession planning.
  • Leadership Development – Targeted training and development programs can enhance the growth of your leaders to align with the direction of organizational strategy.
  • Engagement Survey – Objective feedback from employees provides a pulse check on the culture and satisfaction of your team members.

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