Relationship Management is Vital to Any CPA Firm

This article explains that new clients are quickly parting ways with their accounting firms because lack of communication and response time. According to a survey, “46 percent of CPAs consider building client relationships to be the most important success skill for accountants today, while 82 percent of accountants assert that clients are expecting more of them—demanding quicker service without a rate increase.” Thankfully, the ABLE customer relationship management system “organizes all your contacts in one place so you can differentiate among your various relationships and understand how they contribute to your accounting firm’s growth.” ABLE makes it easy to keep customer relationships through its three-step process: Understanding which relationships require high-priority care, devoting time to these relationships to understand their needs, and using ABLE to monitor your progress and keep up-to-date on your relationships. To discover more ways ABLE can help manage your customer relationships, click the link!

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