Setting an Ethical Compass in the Digital Age

Now more than ever, business leaders and their companies are being held to a higher ethical and moral standard.

In an article from Accounting Today, author Warner Johnston writes, “Professionals in many sectors are trusted by their clients and the public to commit to a high standard of ethical behavior and a willingness to “do the right thing.” There’s an expectation—quite rightly—that a strong ethical compass is a must-have for professionals. Trust is intrinsically linked to ethical behavior. The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual global survey of trust and credibility, has revealed that people’s confidence has declined in society’s key institutions: governments, businesses, NGOs and the media”.

In the article, Johnston discusses:

  • Speaking up with confidence
  • Training for an ethical and professional stance

Johnston continues, “It’s our belief that ethics has a place in the real world. Yes, there’s a wealth of philosophical, religious and academic theory about ethics, but we are all aware of the realities when unethical behavior is unchallenged. We lose trust, and reputations are damaged”. Can you use the ACCA’s module to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards?

To read more, see the full article from Warner Johnston in Accounting Today.