Technology Issues Practitioners Should Know About Today

Technology is becoming an important aspect for every business. While CPAs are usually up-to-date on tax and audit issues, technology related issues could be forgotten. As technology starts to integrate into the accounting and financial service sectors, take a look at the 4 things practice advisors should know about technology today.

According to an article from AICPA, “A revolution of financial technology has taken place over the last several years. If anything, the pace of change is accelerating, with implications for all financial service professionals”.

In this article, AICPA takes a look at 4 major things advisors should know about technology issues:

  • The pace of change in financial technology
  • Virtual and augmented reality in business
  • Voice Commands
  • Auto Technology

Technology will be impacting the industry very soon, so it is important that your firm takes the necessary steps to embrace the technological boom. Want to learn more? To read more, see the full article from AICPA Insights.