Technology and Talent: The Accounting Force Multiplier

With the digital revolution upon us, are accounting firms ready for the challenge? With all of the news surrounding the shrinking talent gap, the accounting industry may be forced into digitization sooner than expected.

In an article from Daily Financial Executives, author Ted Rose writes, “Accounting is no longer just about compliance and record keeping—it is also about managing financial data proactively to deliver meaningful financial information that is timely and accurate. This shift is leaving many firms wondering whether to invest in technology or its people”.

In the article, Rose discusses:

  • Investing in technology
  • Technology and talent

Rose continues, “ Technology is constantly evolving and demands continual improvement. Staying ahead of accounting technology requires equipping forward-thinking professionals with the tools they need to deliver innovative solutions. That’s why accounting and finance firms at the forefront of a changing industry know that investing in technology and talent go hand in hand”. What technology is your accounting firm investing in? The future is now!

To read more, see the full article from Ted Rose in Daily Financial Executives.