Tips for Creating a Winning Website

Websites are usually the first thing clients and prospects visit when looking for information about an accounting firm. However, websites have evolved into much more than just information hubs. They now include web portals, newsletter articles, hyperlinks to helpful sites, and a multitude of financial tools.

Improving your website in an ongoing process and reviewing how well it is serving clients and prospects is key. Here are several tips to keep your website current and effective:

Easy navigation. If people don’t find what they’re looking for after 30 seconds, they are likely to move on to another site. With that in mind, you want people to be able to quickly navigate and locate answers when visiting your website.

Ask “Why us and not them?” When comparing accounting services and looking at what competitors offer, make sure your website clearly defines why a prospective client should choose your firm over others.

Information rich. Give visitors a reason to stay longer. Provide them with relevant tools and information that will make them want to come back often.

Visual appeal. It is very easy to create an affordable, professional-looking website.

Secure file sharing. Many accounting firms are opting to use secure file sharing to efficiently transfer information between the accountant and client.

Content. It’s important to keep your content fresh and update it often.

Collection of e-mail addresses. It should be standard procedure to ask prospective clients for their email address so you can communicate information.

Videos and variety. Utilize YouTube by having staff members create how-to presentations, tax tips and payroll advice videos. Share these videos via social media channels, email and on your website.

For more characteristics of good firm websites, please visit Accounting Web.