Tips for Generating Leads Through Your Website

Believe it or not, phone books are a thing of past. No one wants to spend time sifting through thousands of pages when they can easily type a company name into a search engine and instantly get results. However, the results are only as good as your company makes them. It’s up to you to put your name and information out there in order to generate leads. Here are the basics to creating a strong website presence and successfully generating leads:

Build a website with your own domain. This may come as a shock, but many small businesses don’t have a website. They think that since they have a Facebook page with great client interaction there’s no need for a website. But having a website and social media presence will increase your brand awareness.

Use keywords to attract local traffic. This is a simple way to increase the likelihood that your site will be found. Additionally, your site should include your physical address, phone number and geographically specific keywords. By placing key words in the page title and header tags, the more likely Google and other online research tools will find your site.

Convert visitors into clients. One way to do this is by offering free, downloadable how-to kits, guides or worksheets. Doing so establishes your business as a resource that can help potential clients with their purchasing decisions.

Create local profiles. If you don’t claim your profile on search engines and local business directories, you’re essentially invisible. It also increases the risk of people posting faulty things about your business.

Encourage reviews. Reviews help increase search rankings and click-through and conversion rates. Positive reviews also help validate your business to other potential clients.

For more information on how to generate leads using your website, visit Entrepreneur.