What Are the Top Ethical Dilemmas in Science and Technology?

Have ethical dilemmas started to develop in the technology that we are creating? The answer – absolutely. How are we going to combat these dilemmas?

In an article from Engineering, author Kagan Pittman writes, “Human beings are by no means perfect – we struggle with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis and fail in doing what we think or believe to be the right thing more often than we’d like to admit. Unfortunately, these failings are also articulated in our technology”.

In the article, Pittman discusses:

  • Helix and DNA tests
  • Social credit systems
  • Ransomware

Pittman continues, “The above are only three items from the top 10 list created by a team of Notre Dame undergraduates participating in a course titled “Man and Machine: Humanity, Technology, and the Future” through the Reilly Center’s Science, Technology, and Values Program”. What is next for ethics in technology?

To read more, see the full article from Kagan Pittman in Engineering.