The Reluctant Salesperson™

The Reluctant Salesperson™: A Realistic Approach to Practice Development for the CPA is a two-day workshop designed to help participants, regardless of their service or industry focus, become more comfortable, confident and skilled at developing and nurturing timeless business relationships. Participants will:

  • Build a Personal Practice Development Plan
  • Explore their behavioral tendencies within a sales environment (via the DISC profiling system)
  • Learn a questioning technique that will help in sales and client service interactions
  • Leave with simple, practical tools and behaviors necessary for success and desired business development results

Unlike other selling programs that focus on the one or two “rainmakers”, The Reluctant Salesperson™ is designed for everyone in your firm, especially the 80% who want to increase their confidence and competence in practice development. Even rainmakers, however, take away ideas that can increase their skills and close rates while reducing the amount of time to do so. They also learn how to model and coach the behaviors learned in the workshop for others in their firm.