5 Benefits of Implementing a Trusted Advisor Program

When you think about the accounting industry just a few decades ago, CPAs built their reputations on being skilled “debits and credits” professionals. Getting the job done accurately and on time, every time, was enough to keep clients satisfied. Sure, some accountants were ahead of their time and served as proactive business advisors to their clients’ leadership teams. Today, most CPAs appreciate the necessity to shift into a proactive advisory-focused posture, though they may need the right tools and training to earn the trust of their clients as trusted advisors.

With that in mind, The Growth Partnership (TGP), part of the Engineered Tax Services family of companies, developed the Trusted Advisor Program (TAP) to help CPAs achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Among others, the program offers the following 5 benefits:

  1. One-on-one coaching to help ensure that each participant can recognize and then overcome barriers in their client relationships.
  2. Learning to implement team pipeline meetings as a way to measure and track results.
  3. The establishment of an online advisory platform that serves as your firm’s central hub for updated program activity.
  4. NASBA-certified training, available virtually (and in the classroom), that helps accountants develop core advisor competencies.
  5. The ability to view objective metrics on compelling dashboards to quantify program results.

TAP is much more than a CPE program—it’s about changing the culture at your firm so that you delight your clients on a regular basis with the innovative ideas you bring them. Instead of being a professional that only cranks out transactional work, you become an integral part of your client’s team, viewed as someone who has their best interests at heart. The natural outgrowth of being a trusted advisor is the referrals you will get from your clients to their other business associates.

TGP’s TAP is not a one-size-fits-all program for CPA firms. Each program is customized to meet a firm where they currently are in their advisory mindset and designed to seamlessly tie into the firm’s existing programs and initiatives. A proven network of advisory partners is available to supplement your firm’s in-house advisory expertise whether your needs are immediate or long-term.

For more information about how your CPA firm can learn more about the Trusted Advisor Program at TGP, please contact us here or call Amanda Garner at 314-209-0922.