The Rosenberg Survey

The Rosenberg Survey is a well-known and well-respected benchmarking survey within the national CPA industry, due to its reputation for accuracy, thoroughness and high participation rate. Accounting Today calls the Rosenberg MAP Survey the industry’s barometer for CPA firm practice management.

Why The Rosenberg Survey?

  • Results are reviewed for accuracy and validity by three CPAs, including nationally acclaimed consultants Marc Rosenberg and Charles Hylan.
  • We provide statistics not seen in other surveys.
  • We have a very high repeat rate—allowing for valid year-to-year comparisons.
  • We survey a robust pool of participants.
  • The Rosenberg MAP Survey is online, making it even easier to complete!

What You Get By Participating

  • A customized benchmarking sheet for your firm
  • 40 pages of narrative analysis
  • Row-by-row data for each firm—100 benchmarks in all
  • Dozens of special analyses, including:
    • The number of firms using each of the 6 major partner compensation systems
    • Breakout of profits for firms by population size of their markets
    • How staff-to-partner ratio impacts profitability
    • Correlation of partner charge hours to profitability