Marketing Audit

Has your firm ever wondered if your marketing approach is the most effective? Do you know if you are allocating your budget to all the right things? Are you missing key opportunities within your marketplace? What are your competitors doing in comparison? Is your whole team on the
same page regarding your marketing strategy? Finding the answers to these questions is the ultimate goal of the strategic marketing audit.

Our team of marketing experts will review your current marketing plans, objectives, strategies, and activities and facilitate interviews with your key team members to get a clear picture of your practice development needs.

After collecting data, our team will present the following information to your leadership:

  • Current industry landscape review
  • Geographic market opportunity analysis
  • Competitive environment overview
  • Marketing collateral evaluation (brochures, website, social media, etc.)
  • Firm performance benchmark
  • 24-month marketing plan recommendation

At the end of the presentation, our objective is to closely align our marketing recommendations with your firm’s strategic vision and future goals. Our team will help you prioritize the recommendations and develop a plan of action to take your marketing to the next level.

If you think your current marketing efforts may need a critical review, the team at The Growth Partnership can help you evaluate your current and future practice development plan – so you can create a growth engine to sustain your practice for the long-term.