The ETS Family

Your Link to Success

In order to create a full-service experience for our clients, The Growth Partnership (TGP) has joined forces with Engineered Tax Services (ETS). We have expanded our offerings by developing a comprehensive services model designed to support your business.

We liken our partnership to a simple math formula: 1+1=5.

By linking together, we have created a unique opportunity to better connect the dots for our clients to enhance their advisory offerings. This partnership allows our clients the opportunity to gain strategic, insightful help to run their firms while enabling them to remain relevant by providing access to a suite of advisory level services they can offer to their clients.

The ETS Family

By accessing the resources of the ETS family of companies, our clients are able utilize ETS’ specialty tax and advisory services including cost segregation studies, research and development studies, tax credit exchanges, 5G rooftop marketing.

We are eager to build your firm together. For more information on the ETS family of companies, click here to visit Engineered Tax ServicesEngineered Tax Exchange, and Engineered Technology Services.