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Evolve Academy

We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment that demands a new approach to learning and development. It’s more important now than ever to create an environment with ongoing learning opportunities that take a comprehensive approach to organizational norms. The scope of what people need now is broader than technical training and on-the-job learning.  It needs to put equal focus on personal and professional growth opportunities and developing the interpersonal skills needed to ensure your clients have an exceptional experience every time they interact with someone from your business.

In addition, employees today want to change to cope with a new work environment and new demands being placed upon them.  In their workplace training and development, they’re seeking a transformative experience.

If your goals are to develop your leaders of tomorrow and provide an environment where your employees can leverage what they learn inside and outside of work, Evolve Academy is the solution.


  • Customized learning paths for employees, leaders, and/or teams.
  • Online platform to access and learn from anywhere in the world.
  • 24/7 access when it’s most convenient for your team members.
  • On-demand knowledge center for your firm.
  • Learn at your own pace by continuing where you left off at a later day.
  • Collaborate with other employees in your learning path.
  • Browse, filter, and sort by content type.


  • Robust library of topics and concepts presented in an engaging manner.
  • Set your teams up for success by making a long-term investment in employee and leadership development.
  • Interactive learning experiences for your employees to grow professionally.
  • Employee training and development that allows them to apply new concepts to practical use.
  • Develop stronger connections among teams and individuals through a shared experience.
  • Develop effective and reliable employees to work effectively with your clients.
  • Team-building culture opportunities.
  • A training environment that allows employees to adapt and continue to excel in your firm.

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