Technical Advisory Services

A Cost Segregation Study is a federal income tax tool that increases your near-term cash flow, in the form of a deferral, by utilizing shorter recovery periods to accelerate the return on capital from your investment in property. Whether newly constructed, purchased, or renovated, the components of your building may be properly classified through a cost segregation study into shorter recovery periods for computing depreciation. The study carves out (into 5, 7, and 15-year lives) certain qualifying portions of your building that are normally buried in 39 or 27.5-year categories. The cost segregation specialists at Engineered Tax Services will uncover the most potential tax savings.

The Research and Development Tax Credit is a permanent federal tax incentive meant to stimulate innovation, technical design and manufacturing within the U.S. The Engineered Tax Services team works with CPA firms across the country to help their clients identify and capture federal and state R&D tax credits. The ETS R&D tax credit experts made up of attorneys, CPAs and engineers, conduct a thorough and yet non-evasive analysis into a company’s operations to identify all qualifying R&D credit activities and related expenditures in order to maximize the company’s credits.

Partnering with Engineered Tax Exchange, you can focus on helping your clients with significant taxable income to mitigate their owed tax through alternative investment products on behalf of institutional, corporate, and family office investors. The ETE team identifies alternative investments in real estate development credits(new market tax credits or low income housing tax credits), historic and preservation credits, renewable energy credits, oil and gas exploration credits, etc. This can allow your clients to reduce or even eliminate their tax liability.

The ETS team works closely with you to find state, local and county tax incentives to ensure the maximum tax mitigation for your clients. They provide assistance with 45L Energy Tax Credit capture, 179D Epact Tax Deductions, Opportunity Zone capture, DPAD, Reserve Studies, and other incentives as they become available.

The Engineered Technology Services 5G Division engages with wireless carriers throughout the United States to help property owners manage their rooftop and tower properties to full earning potential. ETS helps clients to market their property directly to wireless carriers, manage leasing agreements, administer hassle-free accounting, billing and collections, and handle the design and installation of 5G or other wireless technologies. Help your clients to maximize their real estate income by introducing the 5G rooftop marketing team.

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