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Positioning Your CPA Firm to Thrive During Market Disruptions

The accounting profession today is a far cry from the profession we knew just a few decades ago. Back then, as long as a CPA firm focused on credits and debits and compliance, clients were bound to be satisfied. Along the way, the accounting profession encountered significant disruption, some brought about by regulatory changes and others through the explosion of digital tools. As their competitive landscape changed, cients’ business needs grew and their need to seek financial and advisory services from a trusted advisor grew exponentially.

Is your firm taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal to drive meaningful growth, achieve a competitive advantage and become a collaborative partner among your clients’ teams? Remember, disruptors can be a positive force, as long as you know how to use them to target and strengthen key relationships!
The purpose of our new e-book is to understand how all of these “disruptive” factors have dramatically changed the accounting profession

Topics include:

  • The Evolution of the Accounting Profession
  • Digitalization for Greater Client Efficiencies
  • Pivoting Toward the Knowledge-Worker Age
  • Understanding Your Best Opportunities for Growth

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Positioning Your CPA Firm to Thrive During Market Disruptions