Lead Generation

A lead generation campaign builds slowly and methodically courts your desired relationships. By following the PIF Process (Prepare, Interact, Follow-Up), we work to successfully position you in front of your future clients through a series of carefully scripted interactions. Over time, this initial positioning matures into deeper relationship building and eventually culminates with the acquisition of a new client.

Your campaign will include three phases – rapport building phone calls, strategic written correspondence, and long-term nurture strategy. We start your campaign out on solid ground by verifying all of the data before we launch your prospects into the process. After this, your prospects are launched into the calling phase. When contact is made, we will set up a time for you to speak with them. If they decline, we get permission to keep in touch for a potential meeting in the future. In addition to appointment setting, we also capture email list opt-in, as well as keeping your firm top of mind with consistent written correspondence.

Your lead generation campaign includes:

  • Prospect exclusivity
  • Targeted list of prospects
  • Design of campaign collateral and gift item
  • Minimum of seven calls annually
  • Monthly campaign reports