6 Security Issues Accountants Should Be Concerned About

Accounting firms are at risk from cybercrime and data breaches because they contain sensitive financial information regarding their clients and firm.

In an article from Accounting Web, author Jowyang writes, “Accountants and their firms are at particular risk from hacking as they contain valuable, sensitive financial information which criminals would love to obtain. Consequently, they must understand potential security concerns, how hackers can strike, and basic security measures which can deter an attack”.

Jowyang discusses 6 security issues accountants should be concerned about:

  • Weak and shared passwords
  • Biometrics
  • Personal devices
  • Malware and phishing
  • Cloud security
  • Being prepared

Jowyang continues, “Ineffective response should see your firm quickly uncover what data was lifted, and you should probably let your clients know the extent of the breach and make clear what countermeasures are being taken”. While it is impossible for firms to know when and how the next security breach is coming, understanding these issues is the first step to having an effective response.

To read more, see the full article from Jowyang in Accounting Web.