AdWords Hacks to Increase Display Ads

Before you can create an AdWords display network plan, you need to know the difference between AdWords Search and an AdWords Display Networks.

An Adwords Search Network allows only a finite amount of bidding on keywords for a limited number of ad spots. Consequently, your competition has the power to influence how much you pay for your ad click.

An AdWords Display Network gives you nearly unlimited ad space across a wide array of sites. It also gives you the ability to advertise both image and text ads in a number of different shapes and sizes.

  1. The Competitor Email Subscriber Hack AKA Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Did you know that you can advertise directly to your competitor’s prospects when they open the competitor’s email? Using Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) allows you to target competitor domains as keywords.

GSP ads are powerful because:

  • You pay for an AdWords Display style cost-per-click that has almost as high of an intent as an expensive Search click.
  • You’re stealing market shares from your competitors.
  • GSP ads work well for high-ticket industries that have longer sale cycles.
  1. Supersize It, Please: Use Display Layers To Improve Your Display Targeting

Each layer of your display is a different targeting method. With more layers, your target is more specific.

  • Placements- You actually want to target URLs.
  • Interests- There are two types of this people based targeting that help you understand your audience’s browsing behaviors:

o Affinity Audiences: long term interests
o In-Market Audiences: ready to buy

  • Geo/Languages- This is location and language targeting.
  1. The Automatic Money Making Robot

A Display Campaign Optimizer (DCO) uses information from your targeting criteria and finds new markets based on the goal cost per acquisition bid that you set.

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