Attract CPA Superstars With These Tips

Are you looking to add some fresh faces to your team? As you know, new talent is what will sustain your firm. And you know what they’re looking for. Your firm offers great benefits, attractive starting salary, and an engaging company culture, so how do you convey this to job seekers?

Let them know who you are. Your firm is unique, and letting your prospective employees see that will help attract the kind of CPAs that keep your company culture thriving. Express who your firm is and you’re more likely to get personalities that fit. Having a professional and competent CPA who doesn’t fit in well with current staff and leadership will ultimately not be the best match, even if the CPA does great work.

Tell them what’s best about working for your firm. Do you offer tuition reimbursement? A mentoring program? Conference, training, or professional development opportunities? Don’t wait for the interview to impress your prospect with all the perks your CPAs enjoy. Put it out there in your job postings!

Put yourself in their shoes. Browse job boards as if you were a CPA looking for a new employer. When you look through pages of posts, what jumps out at you? And what’s boring, cliché and nondescriptive? Use these observations to enhance the descriptions you write. If a phrase or idea doesn’t strengthen your post, consider wording it differently or taking it out altogether.

Now that you’ve written the perfect job description, bursting with creativity and personality, do some quick formatting to make it more noticeable and easier to read. Have a colleague proofread it before you post, double checking for any grammatical errors.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful. Here's the full article if you'd like to read more. Now go out there and recruit your next CPA superstars!