Automation Tools to Help Accountants

Automation tools have been a hot topic for all industries. The accounting industry can especially benefit from automation given the talent shortage and increased workload that firms of all sizes are facing. Automation allows you to do things quickly, efficiently and accurately, freeing up your much-needed time to focus on things that matter, such as driving revenue. Here are a few ways that automation can help your accounting firm’s marketing efforts take up as little of your time as possible while still driving maximum results.

automation tools

Save Time

With marketing automation, you will be able to free up a lot of your time to focus on your other responsibilities. Like I mentioned in the previous blog, as the person in charge of your firm’s social media, you likely have plenty of other responsibilities, too.

Automation tools allow you to schedule social media posts to multiple platforms ahead of time. They will automatically post on the day and at the specific time that you set them for. By doing this you will be able to focus on tasks other than worrying about posting the day of.

Buffer and Later are two free platforms that allow you to connect multiple social media accounts and schedule posts ahead of time.

Keep your Social Media Channels Fresh and Relevant

Use AI to help generate captions when you’re not feeling your most creative or need to know something but don’t have the time to spend digging through Google.

There are AI tools that can summarize and paraphrase long-form content for you so you can post a summary as your social media caption, without having to read and summarize it yourself. There are also tools that can write social media hooks and captions for you, so when your creative juices aren’t flowing, you have another option for inspiration.

If you’re unsure of something and need a quick and reliable answer, AI can help. ChatGPT seems to always be at capacity when I try to use it, but I found Chatsonic to be extremely helpful and provide accurate information. I scrolled through Twitter to find some complex questions from accountants and asked them to Chatsonic. Here are the results:

Chatsonic – Question: What are the updates to IRS tax code section 174?
screenshot of Chatsonic
Chatsonic – Question: Is bonus depreciation allowed on bona fide acquisitions from a related party?
chatsonic tax questions
More Chatsonic Questions: 1099-NEC

I’m not an accountant, so I cannot confirm nor deny the accuracy of the responses. But I did do some research and talked to one of our professionals and came to the conclusion that these answers are pretty spot-on. This tool can be a great resource for accountants—and all professionals, for that matter. When questions arise, ask the chatbot.

In short, if you’re unsure of something, want to fact check or need answers, try AI. Although it’s not always going to be 100% accurate, it’s a great, easy and time-efficient place to start.

Write Longer-Form Content

If you write longer-form content such as a blog, you can also use AI to help you write that. I used to create sections for this blog. It generated subheadings which I kept the main ideas of but shortened a whole lot. Chatbots can be used to write the entirety of blogs and other long-form content. Next time I’m going to try using Chatsonic to write the bulk of the blog, so we’ll see how that goes.

All in all, new automation and AI tools are here to help if you allow them to. It’s easy to turn your nose up at new technology, but if you embrace it, you’ll be able to save time, get answers and easily write content much faster than you could on your own. During busy season especially, automation can be your new best friend.