Avoid Being Crushed By Your Emails

Clickbait and unwanted emails can bring your email to a crawl or even shut your business down. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks you can do to slow the onslaught.

Spam a Lot

No matter how good your firewalls and spam filters are, more and more junk email clutters your inbox every year. There is one simple thing that you can do to slow the amount of spam you receive and that is, don’t respond to it. The easiest way for a spammer to find out that they have reached a live person is to have a recipient respond to their bait. Worms and viruses can put your clients’ information at risk, just because you clicked “OK.”

Lost in Translation

Everyone has received that email from someone who misunderstood you. Maybe you were the recipient of a confusing email and ended up blasting emails to someone lecturing them on their “attitude problem,” either way, one guaranteed way to lower the numbers of useless and time consuming emails would be to develop an understanding of email etiquette. Finding a perfect medium between attentive and happy can help bring the number of emails down, easing your over-encumbered inbox.

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