Benefits Packages That Land Top Talent

In order to attract and retain the best CPA talent, it is important to adjust to new workforce trends. The usual benefits package may not be enough to entice top performers.

The younger generation of workers value compensation packages beyond just an attractive salary. Recent studies show that they will choose a job based on opportunities for career growth, generous pay and the ability to make a difference in society. Be sure to lay out a career path within the firm that gives a clear understanding of advancement opportunities.

This new employee base also values a flexible work week with telecommuting options, and lots of vacation time. Wellness packages are gaining popularity. This could mean smaller things like free flu shots and healthy snacks in the breakroom, or larger options like discounted gym memberships, bike commuter subsidies or onsite yoga classes, these benefits help project a company culture that will draw top talent to your firm. Company culture is important to the new generation of CPAs, so these perks can really make the difference.

Be ready to negotiate with your prospect if the benefits you have laid out are not persuasive enough. Consider other options such hiring and retention bonuses, enhanced starting salary and performance incentives.

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