The Biggest Disruption May Not be a Technology

Many businesses are beginning to focus on digital technology and transforming their image for the next generation. But, many are failing to develop and edit their brand beforehand.

In an article from Disruption Hub, author Minter Dial writes, “That’s because they haven’t worked enough on the fundamental premise of why they should be doing all this change. Sure, it’s to drive innovation and to make more money. But why should your entire organisation, all external stakeholders and your customers wish to follow you through this change? The answer to this question lies in your brand”.

In the article, Dial discusses:

  • Cultural disruption, brands and branding
  • Accepting 3 key tenets for building a power, lasting brand

Dial continues, “You have first to make sure brand purpose and the strategy are clearly enumerated and shared throughout the organisation to help winnow down the vast choice of new technologies. Secondly, you need to establish a corporate culture that is adapted for constant learning, fluid collaborations, frequent testing and failing”. Are you concentrating on your brand before a digital transformation?

To read more, see the full article from Minter Dial in Disruption Hub.