Why Combining the Efforts of Finance and HR Might Be the Best Thing For Your Company

Collaboration between an unlikely alliance – a CFO and CHRO – may be a hidden source of success for your business. Communication is key, and now so is department collaboration.

In an article from Entrepreneur, authors John Berisford and Jack Callahan write, “But when the collaboration works — when the CFO and CHRO align their perspectives in service of the company and its shareholders — this unlikely alliance becomes a powerful engine of transformation and growth”.

In the article, Berisford and Callahan discusses:

  • Why collaboration makes sense
  • McGraw-Hill example
  • Accidental allies

Berisford and Callahan continue, “So if I were to offer advice to a CEO looking to hire executives into the CHRO or CFO role, I would urge him or her to recruit individuals with the objectivity and business broad-mindedness to put shareholder value above all else. And then throw them into a foxhole together”. Have you considered collaboration between your financial and human resources offices?

To read more, see the full article from John Berisford and Jack Callahan in Entrepreneur.