Effective Position Titles at Your Firm

As CPA firms evolve and adapt to workforce changes, there could be a need to reevaluate the position titles at your firm. Can you remember the last time the issue was revisited? For some firms, the answer is never.

In a new Accounting Today article, Paul Iannone explains the strategy involved in conferring these titles. “For those firms that choose autotomy and organic continuity, identifying a clear and measurable path to partner is critical to the success of the succession plan,” says Iannone. He gives the following reasons firms might need to reevaluate their titles:

• The strategic mission of the firm to expand its leadership base.
• The size of the firm in both revenue and the number of employees.
• The variety or diversity of the client base.
• The relative complexity of the work.
• The growth rate in the firm’s new hires and new clients.

For an in-depth explanation, see Iannone’s full article from Accounting Today.