Embracing Your Quirks: Your Firm’s Brand

We’ve all been taught the importance of the professional-personal divide when it comes to work. But what does it mean to be professional? That conversation is shifting and maybe it’s time to take another look at our firmly-rooted ideas of professionalism.

Yes, it is our duty to provide our clients with exemplary service as CPAs, but does that mean we’re not allowed to have personalities? Maybe those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

So what does it look like when we successfully integrate these two sides of ourselves? It can actually be beneficial to your staff and your clients. It allows your staff to be more of who they are, and in return, clients respond positively to this. Sometimes it’s hard for CPAs to relate to the rest of the world. However inaccurate, the stereotypes of CPAs persist: methodical, humorless, robot-like individuals.

Clients pick up on this, and it can be difficult for the two parties to communicate. Letting clients see your CPAs as they really are helps put them at ease, and maybe even connect with them on a personal level.

This means it’s ok to retain your personality, yet adapt to the client’s needs. Are you visiting a very traditional client who wears three-piece suits each day? Is your client in an industry where workers are dressed more casually? You can adjust your attire accordingly.

We want our clients to put their trust in us as competent advisors, but we can accomplish this while at times letting our quirks show. Embracing them gives your firm a unique image. Use this to your advantage, make your office, website and social media reflect who you are. While this approach will not appeal to everyone, it will be quite refreshing to many potential clients who would love to do business with you and your quirky CPAs.

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