Forensic Accounting: Adding a Skill for the CPA

With the rise of A.I. and other technological systems, CPAs should consider adding more value to their resumes. One way to do that? Become a forensic accountant.

In an article from The CPA Journal, author Eric Kreuter writes, “There are many career paths in forensics for accounting graduates, whether they work for a nonprofit organization, private company, university, hospital, or government. Forensic knowledge is most helpful for those employed in the nonpublic sector, with higher value and compensation awarded to highly credentialed forensic specialists”.

In the article, Kreuter discusses:

  • Forensic accounting concepts and the need for skills
  • Career planning

Kreuter continues, “ Earning the CPA designation is a fine start, but the road to success is paved with other achievements—forensic knowledge being one of them”. How else can you further your accounting education?

To read more, see the full article from Eric Kreuter in The CPA Journal.