Guess What Profession is Most Profitable

At The Growth Partnership, we are fortunate that we have built lasting relationships with our clients. We enjoy getting to know them. We learn about their families (some of you are identical twins), their hobbies (at least one of you plays the tuba), and what motivates them.

When we ask our clients what inspired them to become CPAs, they tell us they have always liked numbers, they like helping businesses function more efficiently, or that they enjoy puzzles and challenges and accounting stimulates that interest for them. We haven’t yet come across a client who got into the business for the glamour.

CPAs might not have been the envy of all their friends in college. Some of them opted for law school or medicine, thinking that those rock star professions would secure their future in a way others could not. Well, now might be the time to send those college friends a good-natured email along with 2016’s list of Most Profitable Professions.
Here’s a teaser of the top 3:

3. Lessors of Real Estate
2. Legal Services
Drumroll, please..
1. Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services

You can find the complete list here.

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