Helping Clients with HR and Regulatory Needs

CPAs are always looking for more ways to deliver additional value to their clients. More and more CPAs are branching out into financial planning and other services that their clients would like them to provide. In his new article from Accounting Today, author Andy Childs explains that business owners increasingly look to their CPAs for assistance with human resources and regulatory issues, as regulations become more complex.

Research suggests that regulatory compliance is a major issue for small business owners. A recent study found that 73% of small business owners rated it their top concern. Tax and payroll administration also made that list, as well as benefits management.

With policy shifts and a new administration, the fate of many regulatory issues is uncertain. Now, more than ever, small business clients will be looking to their CPAs for regulatory guidance. As their trusted advisor, you can provide additional value to that relationship by keeping abreast of these issues, so you can help your clients navigate them successfully.

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