How to Find That New Job

This article explains that the U.S. Department of Labor projects “the number of accounting and auditing jobs will increase by nearly 7% this decade.” With so many people feeling confident to quit their jobs and pursue better ones, the employment conditions for accountants, financial specialists, and auditors have never been better. If you are thinking about switching jobs, consider these four strategies for securing your dream job. Firstly, update your resume, specifically one that will show a story of professional growth and an expanding skillset. Secondly, going the entrepreneurial route can help provide a path made specifically for you, and a CPA firm is an asset that you can sell later on. Next, educating yourself is a key role in being successful. For example, training in the “burgeoning field of data analytics will put you ahead of the financial services curve.” Finally, taking a timeout will help you to not jump at the first job that is handed to you. Instead of rushing a career be sure to reconsider your career goals.

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