Keep Your CPAs Happy

What does it take to keep your workforce content? One researcher interviewed 1,200 CPAs to find the answers. According to Marsh Huber, CPA, PhD, it boils down to three factors: having hope, a calling, and autonomy.

One interviewee told Huber she is so pleased with her firm, she has been there since joining as an intern six years ago. If she needs to work late, her employer lets her do so from home. She gets to wear jeans on Friday, and most importantly they value her input.

Firms can help employees feel like their jobs fit with a calling by letting them have the chance to learn about areas within the practice that interest them. Finding the right fit is very important.

Huber believes that autonomy is the most important of the three factors to today’s employees. Firms can allow workers with proven productivity the option of working remotely one day a week, or whatever fits the firm’s needs and type of duties required. If you need your employees physically present during the normal business hours, consider letting them work any overtime from home.

As it could take ten years or more for CPAs to reach a position of leadership, put milestones in place that keep them motivated. This is the hope component Huber refers to. Staff can get burned out or look for other opportunities when they don’t see a path to advancement.

See the full article from the Journal of Accountancy for lots more on how to keep your CPAs happy!