Productive Ideas for Your Holiday Break

Even for those of us who enjoy the holidays, there can come a time when we miss the routine and feel a bit stir-crazy. Inc. magazine offers some tips for staying productive over the holiday break:

• Set goals for next year: this includes professional goals, personal goals, family goals, and anything else you want to achieve in 2017. Is it time to learn Swahili or become a scuba instructor? Jot it down on your list and make it happen in the coming year!
• Write notes: actually get notecards and send handwritten notes to professional contacts and colleagues. The gesture will be quite meaningful to the recipient!
• Read something: go browsing at a bookstore with a nice cup of coffee, or curl up on the couch with a book you download. Reading is an enriching experience.
• Tidy up your email inbox and computer desktop. Delete old emails, clear off all the dozens of icons on your desktop, make tidy folders, and give yourself a neat and organized workspace to start the new year.

What do you have planned for your holiday break? Make sure you plan some time for relaxing! You can read more in the full Inc. article.