Protect Your PTIN This Tax Season

As we head into tax season, fraud is on everyone’s mind. The IRS wants you to know about another layer of security for your clients – monitoring your PTIN use. By using the Returns Filed Per PTIN tool on the IRS website, which is updated weekly, you can see what returns have been filed using your PTIN. If the numbers don’t match your client records, you’ll know your PTIN has been used to commit fraud.

From the IRS news release: “Criminals are increasingly targeting tax professionals, not only to steal client data but also to steal the professionals’ data such as PTINs, EFINs or e-Service passwords. The IRS has teamed up with state tax agencies and the tax industry for a ‘Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself’ campaign to help increase awareness among tax professionals.”

For more information, see the full news release on the IRS website.