Should You Be Taking More Risks?

Cathy Engelbert, CPA, knows about taking risks. Last year, she became the first female CEO of a Big Four accounting firm. As CEO of Deloitte LLP, she has figured out how to manage the demands of work and family. She wouldn’t have gotten where she was without taking risks, and here are some of her thoughts about risk and career success.

Is it time to ask for a raise?

Assess your current position. Do you feel you’re growing professionally? Maybe you’ve taken on more responsibilities and your job description needs updating. In that case, consider asking for a raise. Make the case that your duties have changed, and you feel your compensation should reflect that. By asking, your supervisor sees that you know your worth and recognize that you make valuable contributions to the firm.

Expand your professional growth

What if you feel you’re not growing professionally? Look into options for additional certifications or other training. Let your employer know that the additional skill set will bring added value to the firm, and ask that they pay for it. This shows you have initiative, as well as a desire for self-improvement.

Branch out beyond your comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges. Is there another area you’d like to work in, but you have no experience? Ask your manager to give you a chance. Even if the answer is no at the time, the conversation could open the door for future opportunities. This will make you a more valuable asset to your firm, and a well-rounded CPA.

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