The Best Benchmarking for Your Firm

We hope you’re having a healthy and productive 2017! Hopefully, you’ve got your copy of the 2016 Rosenberg Survey and have used it to plan and set goals for the year ahead. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, we still have a limited number available.

The Rosenberg Survey is a comprehensive benchmarking study for CPA firms. Our Survey is nearly 200 pages, full of dozens of metrics, ratios and analyses of accounting firm financial performance. Order your book today and receive valuable data to help guide your firm.

If you have already been utilizing your copy of the Survey and want to be involved in the 2017 edition, please sign up here and submit your data.

The infographic above illustrates the metrics that drive profitability. Fees per person, fees per partner, partner billing rate, and ratio of staff to partner make up the top four. See how these metrics can help your firm! Don't forget to connect with us on LinkedIn, and contact us with any questions.